Who we are

Royal SMIT is an international business which manufactures power transformers for major energy companies and industries in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. Royal SMIT‘s customers also include transmission and distribution companies. Customers choose high quality, reliable transformers from Royal SMIT because we combine in-house expertise, designs and products with flexibility and a service-oriented approach. We are open to co-engineering if our customer prefers to go down that path. During the often lengthy relationship with both our customers and carefully selected suppliers we constantly achieve the best result.

Royal SMIT works to international standards, whereby our strength lies in the design of transformers based on the customer’s specific requirements and wishes. Royal SMIT thereby uses fully integrated design software which has been developed in-house. This software is linked to a 3D-CAD package which enables our designers to produce effective and efficient customer-specific models.

In order to be able to meet the growing demand from the energy sector, Royal SMIT‘s engineers devote a considerable amount of time and resources to research and development. Designs are optimised both through constant attention to training and education and by emphasising the  importance of inventiveness and creativity in the field of engineering criteria and production methods. Important tools in this research are 3D modelling and the use of the Finite Element Method.

Royal SMIT also works closely with KEMA Arnhem for tests and with the Universities of Technology in Eindhoven and Delft on dielectric research, amongst other things. Royal SMIT‘s engineers take part in international working groups in their  professional field such as Cigré and IEEE.


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