Managing Change: With “Dutch Power“ And Royal Smit

Generating power represents a great challenge for the Netherlands: Until now, up to 90% of the energy is supplied from fossil fuels, like natural gas and cole. Everyone knows that the availability of fossil fuels is shrinking and the use of it promotes global warming. This is certainly one of the reasons why a lot of companies from the energy production, utilization and distribution industries and educational institutions are cooperating in the “Dutch Power” network in order to work jointly on the transition towards the Netherlands’ future energy supply.

On 23 March 2017, Royal SMIT hosted 120 representatives from the energy sector who exchanged views in Nijmegen in terms of this ongoing energy transition, where transformers are playing an important role. The event, entitled “Transformatoren ingewikkeld!?“ which means as much as: “Convoluted/complicated transformers!?“) provided information at Royal SMIT about the latest development in transformer technology and the production of large transformers. Other topics were:

  • developments and innovations of transformers
  • offline monitoring of transformers
  • monitoring and diagnostic trends
  • green distribution transformers
  • voltage matching and controllable transformers
  • current developments and future distribution transformers

“Dutch Power“ is considered to be the platform for the energy industry for exchanging knowhow and creating technological innovations. 

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